Crisis 1: A Peaceful Day

A Peaceful Day
Posted 10th Aug 2015

Author Notes:

10th Aug 2015, 6:29 PM
And Luigi's peaceful day is now in tatters. Today's strip is a little exercise in harm, or How to Make a Fanfic with Pictures!

Edit: Welcome, time travelers! I trust you'll find everything as you left it.

Hello! Welcome to M&L: Cleanup Crew. I apologize for the mess, and also for the puns (which is a lie).

This comic is based on an idea I had of a concept I'd like to see in a new Mario & Luigi game, complete with actual story, involving absolute minimal quantities of alien invasions and time travel, but since I can't make Nintendo do it, I thought I'd try my own hand at it. I'm doing it in strip format since it's more suitable for gags.

I will have the next strip up this coming Monday, but for those of you who want to see it now, you can go to the comic's Patreon, where patrons can gain access to previews and concept art!