Crisis 55: The Sound of Safety

The Sound of Safety
Posted 23rd Aug 2016

Author Notes:

23rd Aug 2016, 6:04 AM
Hi, all!

Edit: Due to recent difficulties, I won't be able to post a new strip this Monday. Possibly not even this week. See the blog for details.

Curses and shame on me for not getting this up on time. I should really stick to modding the production process only when I've got lightweight comics, and not big intensive things like this. (Eesh, three bigshot panels and only one character focus).

I've done some more obvious experimenting here, using an actual paint texture from Super Mario Sunshine (shout out to and its proprietor, who first got them all), and I think I may ultimately go back to hand-painted squigglies, which are less obnxious and monotonous. And also one less strike on the whole copyright infringement bit. (This is neither official nor for-profit. Away, ye blackguards).

From a storytelling point of view, I wasn't actually certain I was going to write this particular comic this way. Oh, I would have to write it, no doubt. After giving Toad that wicked little grin last week, the cannon -needed- to go off, no question. I was debating whether or not to include the Princess Peach moment, since the whole thing is technically Toad's perspective and so he wouldn't know about any of this. I decided to keep it on the grounds that it's important to her character for later in the story.

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5th Sep 2016, 4:06 AM
Chekovs Cannon?
6th Sep 2016, 6:11 PM