Crisis 52: Ready, Aim, Misfire

Ready, Aim, Misfire
Posted 1st Aug 2016

Author Notes:

1st Aug 2016, 9:37 PM
Hello and happy Monday! Gosh, a whole year of Comics under the belt... and still not finished! Ah, well, Toad's almost through with soldiering through the prologue. With any luck, I'll have the previews up sooner than last week.

One of the things I love about the Mario franchise is its subtle sense of continuity and nostalgia. My first ever real Mario game was the original 64, so whenever MK64 or Paper Mario or Super Mario Galaxy brought back the castle grounds, my inner child would sing.

None of them thought to bring back the lakeside cannon, however, so I have corrected this oversight.

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2nd Aug 2016, 2:14 AM
It is nice to see that sort of thing, but subtle's an understatement. I think that they intentionally try to not worry too much about keeping things canon, so best to just enjoy them and not examine them too closely.