Crisis 50: The Best Decoy

The Best Decoy
Posted 18th Jul 2016

Author Notes:

18th Jul 2016, 11:05 AM
Happy Monday! Whoo! 50 comics up! That's almost as cool as a year's anniversary, which would be in... three weeks. Yow.

I'm gonna be awful sad when this arc concludes, since Toad won't be the main character anymore. (It has nothing to do with Toad being really easy to draw compared to everybody else -- what, you doubt me)? On the other side of that coin, I feel a little relieved, since I've recently discovered that being a webcomic writer isn't much different than being a normal writer -- you're still a jerk who sits in front of a computer all day coming up with likeable characters and then all night coming up with ways to make them suffer. On that note, Toad's got a little more suffering in store.

EDIT: Next week's up on Patreon.

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