Crisis 26: Carry a Big Stick

Carry a Big Stick
Posted 1st Feb 2016

Author Notes:

1st Feb 2016, 9:28 AM
Good morning and Happy Monday! You can find this and next weeks' comics in color on Patreon!

I believe an explanation is in order -- in light of Paper Jam indicating that both the Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario series take place in different worlds, I wish to indicate that in this comic there is no such distinction. (Also, Paper Jam came out last December, I started publishing Cleanup Crew last August). I will, however, mostly be ignoring Sticker Star, which is almost plotless and lacks continuity with the rest of its own series (pretending, of course, that there's any real continuity in Super Mario). I'm also identifying the Toad in the cabinet in the original Paper Mario as the primary Toad, because it's in character for him to chicken out like that.

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