Crisis 23: Everything in Order

Everything in Order
Posted 11th Jan 2016

Author Notes:

11th Jan 2016, 9:48 AM
Happy Monday! This week's comic is available in color for Patreon subscribers and next week's comic is up!

One of the concerns I had for writing the comic was Princess Peach's role. The comic is, after all, an extended series of notes on a video game idea I had, so I wanted to try giving her something to do rather than sit in a cage the whole time (one of the many triumphs of the Paper Mario series is that Peach has something to do). So far, Toad's backstory (remember, this is still Toad's recollection would serve as kind of a playable intro for him and Peach; Toad got a solo segment, but now Her Highness is leading.

I'm also trying to hash out the princess' personality -- in a lot of the RPGs, she's pure sweetness and light, which isn't bad, but I grew up with Mario Party Peach, the ruthless trickster (you know how Mario Party ruins friendships? I'm almost certain Her Highness has exploited every mechanic). So far she's been almost as much fun as Toad... which means Toadette needs to step it up.

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