Crisis 21: The Favor

The Favor
Posted 28th Dec 2015

Author Notes:

28th Dec 2015, 1:00 AM
Merry Christmas and Happy Monday! I'm afraid since I'm still out of town I won't be able to get next week's content up on Patreon until Thursday, so hopefully you'll enjoy one of my favorite comics so far! (And now all the Patreon content is up! Happy New Year!)

The foibles of producing this comic have actually been pretty interesting; I actually had this scene written out in my head before I created the Classic Toad Defense Mechanism strip from a few months ago (has it been that long already? Wow). And Toadsworth's and the minister's introduction strip was actually a last minute creation because I wanted an excuse to add an extra strip before Toad and Toadette made it back to the kitchen.

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