Crisis 14: The Captain's Primer

The Captain's Primer
Posted 9th Nov 2015

Author Notes:

9th Nov 2015, 10:13 PM
Happy Monday! Patreon subscribers already know what's happening next!

Today's strip marks the debut and departure of Captain Toad as he warns us all of the dangers of shoddy paint jobs. Be on your guard!

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13th Nov 2015, 10:56 AM
Best captain ever, just the best ever... XD Are you ever going to make a colored comic panel?
16th Nov 2015, 9:25 AM
I was actually pretty fond of dressing the Captain up as a guard from Paper Mario (I seem to recall him getting that promotion at the end of Galaxy). The strip I mean to keep in grayscale for the moment, though some promotional art might be in color.