The Comic Cast

The Heroes
Mario He may not be a man of many words, but that doesn't mean no one's talking about him! You know him, you love him, the power plumber's back for another adventure!
Luigi All Luigi wanted to do today was not be severely injured. One very important knock on the door later, and he's already in for it.
Princess Peach Toadstool Proud and pretty daughter of the Mushroom Kingdom's Mushroom King, Peach has more than enough experience to keep her head in a crisis. Whether the crisis will let her keep her head is another matter entirely.
The Mushroom Retainers Peach's (barely) braveheart band of intrepid mushroomfolk, comprised of Toad and many other Toads.
Toad Toad may be the bravest coward to yet walk the face of the earth. (NB: Toad isn't actually a retainer anymore; he runs Toad Factory by the Toad Town docks).
Toadette Toadette's unrelenting faith in the coming sunrise won't stop her from telling you just how dark it is. Her job is to maintain the castle gardens and public works.
Captain Toad Head of the Mushroom Castle Guard, Captain Toad's experience in the field hasn't given him as much of a fighting chance as it should.
The Toad Minister The Toad Minister is up to his eyeballs in committee meetings and affairs of state, and he really has no time for your crisis, thank you very much.
Toadsworth Her Highness' chief retainer from days of old, Toadsworth has only one job, as far as he's concerned: trying to keep this merry band from losing its mind.
The Villains?
The Cloops Mysterious members of the darkling clouds, who swooped in one day and smothered Mushroom Castle in Magic Paint. Who are they? What do they want? What have they got against classic architecture?
Mr. Painter Man A mysterious fellow who helped Toad during the Cloop Catastrophe (sort of). Interesting fashion choices. Labcoats must be the In-Thing this year for painters.

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