A Mess in the Making

It's raining paint! Of all the sentences you thought you would ever read....
1.A Peaceful Day10th Aug 2015
2.Answer the Call17th Aug 2015
3.Clogged Pipes24th Aug 2015
4.Haste Makes Waste31st Aug 2015
5.Helping Hands-Off7th Sep 2015
6.Weed Killer14th Sep 2015
7.Once More, From the Top21st Sep 2015
8.Rainy Day Weather28th Sep 2015
9.Put It To Good Use5th Oct 2015
10.Volunteering12th Oct 2015
11.Any Excuse19th Oct 2015
12.The Classic Toad Defense Mechanism26th Oct 2015
13.Making a Splash1st Nov 2015
14.The Captain's Primer9th Nov 2015
15.A Screaming Good Time16th Nov 2015
16.Just in Time23rd Nov 2015
17.Mixer Mix-up30th Nov 2015
18.Cloudy Skies Ahead7th Dec 2015
19.As Normal As It Gets14th Dec 2015
20.Logic of the Lily-livered21st Dec 2015
21.The Favor28th Dec 2015
22.Pall In A Day's Work4th Jan 2016
23.Everything in Order11th Jan 2016
24.Where Credit Is Due18th Jan 2016
25.Ad Hoc Contingency25th Jan 2016
26.Carry a Big Stick1st Feb 2016
27.The Royal Secret8th Feb 2016
28.Questions Best Left Unasked15th Feb 2016
29.Stepping In, Stepping Out22nd Feb 2016
30.The Crisis at Hand1st Mar 2016
31.Security in Tradition8th Mar 2016
32.Assurance15th Mar 2016
33.A Certain Point of View22nd Mar 2016
34.Wait it Out29th Mar 2016
35.Paint Problem, Paint Solution5th Apr 2016
36.There's an Idea12th Apr 2016
37.A Big Enough Umbrella19th Apr 2016
38.Be Cool26th Apr 2016
39.Trouble, Relatively Speaking4th May 2016
40.Consider the Following9th May 2016
41.The Closing Door16th May 2016
42.Helping Hands23rd May 2016
43.One's Duty to Do30th May 2016
44.Subterranean Sludge6th Jun 2016
45.Crud is Thicker than Water13th Jun 2016
46.Anything You Can Do21st Jun 2016
47.Opportunity Knocks 29th Jun 2016
48.Lucky Me4th Jul 2016
49.What You Wish For11th Jul 2016
50.The Best Decoy18th Jul 2016
51.One Step Forward25th Jul 2016
52.Ready, Aim, Misfire1st Aug 2016
53.Gloom 'Shroom9th Aug 2016
54.The Cannon Crisis15th Aug 2016
55.The Sound of Safety23rd Aug 2016
56.Flight Hazard6th Sep 2016
57.While Home Burns14th Sep 2016